Lemanaghan Church Model – Part Three – Textures

For the textures of the walls I used images of the walls I had taken at Lemanaghan Church. I applied these as displacement maps of bitmaps, having chosen mental ray’s Arch and Design setting for adding textures. I changed the diffuse colour to white, to create that lime or whitewashed effect.




I had to add a UVW Map modifier to each wall and choose BOX shape so that the materials would not stretch. I also had to uncheck REAL WORLD MAP SETTINGS on every primitive object BEFORE I turned them into editable objects so that complications with textures would not arise later on. I then had to uncheck REAL WORLD MAP SETTINGS on every UVW Map modifier also for the material to wrap itself properly around the object.

For my doorway I added an Arch and Design Stone texture.

For the thatched roof I was torn between using a bitmap of a thached roof or to use the HAIR AND FUR modifier. In the end I opted for the latter. I had to turn the glossiness and specular settings all the way down so that there wouldn’t be any sheen off the thatch.

For the wooden door I used a bitmap from CGTextures and and applied it as a displacement map. I chose the door image as the diffuse colour.

The earthen floor is made using a bitmap image of soil. I applied it as a displacement map and diffuse map on top of a plane.

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