Lemanaghan Church Model – Part Four – Results

In order to begin rendering my images, I needed  lighting for my interior.

For exterior shots, I decided to use the mental ray Daylight system. I chose my coordinates and positioned the sunlight.

Since virtually no light from the daylight system makes it inside, I decided to use the mr Sky Portal for daylight shots in the interior. I also made two candles out of cylinders (the wicks are tubes and the flame is a self-illuminated squeezed sphere). The candlelight is used by placing a photometric free light, with a warm glow, over the flame shapes. Below are my rendered results, playing with light and camera positions. (I forgot to mention I added an alter, which was more than likely made of wood back in this time as no alters exist from this period and so must have been made from a perishable material. The alter would also have been placed up against the wall as the priest had his back turned to the congregation).

I would like to have added the statuary, but this would have been impossible to do given the time limit. I would like to add a cloth or drape of some sort over the alter, with a cross motif or something like that. I would like to play around with materials even more in order to get closer to a realistic effect.



door1 int3


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