Reconstruction of the 1865 Dublin International Exhibition: Darn Dome!

After a lot of joy building the girders for our model, it was only a matter of time before I hit a bump in the road, and it just so happened that my bump relates back to the worst thing about school – geometry.

The building of the dome required that the diameter of the dome is circular, but there is also a straight section which connects with the girders in the middle of the hallway. It took two full days and countless calculations to design a dome which flowed well into the existing hallway without compromising the structural design of the girders too much. The best way to achieve this was to create a semi-circular dome, with an extended girder joining the girders for the dome with the girders for the main hallway. The intersection of the girders on the corner was also a major concern, as I wanted to be sure that they would follow the design while not looking overcrowded.

After I finally created the dome, I then created the hallway that wraps around the entire model to form the first floor of the model. It was at this point that the model really came together, and I could start paying attention to smaller details in the model.

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