Reconstruction of the 1865 Dublin International Exhibition: DISASTER!

The unthinkable has happened, ladies and gentlemen. We have lost some files.

During the night, the models for the flags, the signage and a beautiful tent that Fionn had built got corrupted in the OneDrive folder and could not be saved. And so began the all-nighter from my nightmares.

While I was completing some of the final details of the iron structure, Fionn got to work remaking the flags and the signage that we had lost. While they are very small details in the model, they give the final model a beautiful overall aesthetic that we wanted to keep.

In the end, these features proved to be easy to recreate, as they could be copied once a single flag or sign had been created, and all of the textures had been saved in our 3dsMax folder, so it was a matter of retrieving them.

To read more about this, you can see Fionn’s post all about it.

To keep up with the project in general, you can see my blog here and Fionn’s blog here.

Moral of the story? Multiple files, friends. Multiple files.

Please tell me what you think!