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We need to talk about how the digital impacts on archaeology

On the face of it, it is hard to argue with Costopolous’s view.  It is true – digital archaeology has been here for a while and it is here to stay!  There is plenty of evidence of the widespread adoption … Continue reading

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The potential for Audience Engagement with 3D Digital Visualisations

  I was somewhat surprised to read in Stuart Jeffrey’s paper that, in the context of digital archaeology, that  ‘there is little broad community engagement with digital visualisation (Jeffrey 145)’ and interested to read his views both on the potential … Continue reading

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Comparing data modelling techniques

Introduction What is data modelling? Data modelling is essentially the structure in which data (information and knowledge) is collected, managed and represented.  It is intended to describe the concepts or objects of concern to an individual or organisation in order … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on Rural Broadband

In the digital age, there is unprecedented access to information for more people than ever before but is this a true democratisation of access to data and the possibilities that data promise for how we live and work? I was … Continue reading

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