Doing it for Real: At the Russell Library

Cuneiform Cone RLM1D.  November 2017

Part 1: Imaging and Recording

Russel Library 7th November 2017.

Setting up the camera. Lights x 3 in position










Cone partially inserted into indentation in oasis and placed in imaging position

Camera Setting: F8          ISO 200                Initial Shutter Speed 1/40


1st Camera Position: straight on

2nd Camera Position: mid height (camera raised), small downward tilt

3rd Camera Position: high (camera raised), downward tilt

Object moved, inverted, and replaced in imaging position

4th Camera Position: high (camera raised), downward tilt

5th Camera Position: mid height (camera lowered), small downward tilt

No images taken straight on, inverted

Quality check undertaken at end.  Images loaded into Photoscan and quality checked.

Skip to the End – The Finished Model

Finished model showing result of imperfect alignment


Part 2: Building the Model – What Went Wrong?

As this was a test processing project, photos were aligned at the lowest settings, for quick results.  Initial results looked good and showed that all the cameras had aligned.

Screenshot of the model showing camera positions








The sparse cloud looked good too.  But on closer examination I could see that there was a problem with the alignmenet.

Sparse cloud

Dense cloud

As this was a test, I continued the workflow in Agisoft to build the dense cloud, build mesh and to build texture


I re-masked the images and repeated the process but continued to have problems with alignment.