Finally, A Finished 3D Model!

Eureka Moment!

Image Preparation in Photoshop

Images were imported into Photoshop.   Zoom in to the image at 100% to see detail.  

Select sharpening tool (triangles symbol) and apply sharpening, in particular the ‘amount’ slidebar and the ‘masking’  slidebar.  Hold down the ALT button when using the masking slidebar.

Images that were obiously blurred were not imported.  Images were then saved as JPEGS

Agisoft Photoscan

Step 1 – Image Import

117 images were imported by selecting ‘Add Photos’ from the Workflow dropdown menu.  I did this in batches, grouped by the camera capture position

Step 2 – Image Quality

Check image quality before masking and aligning images.

Double click on image to open.  Right click a selected image, then select ‘Estimate image quality’.  Select ‘Apply to all cameras’…

Check images that have image quality of less than 0.50

Two images of less than 0.50 quality were disabled at this point, due to blurriness

Step 3 – Image Masking

Each image was masked using the intelligient scissors tool (with the control button), then selecting ‘invert current selection’ and ‘add selction to the mask’.

 Step 4 – Align Images – Sparse Cloud constructed

Verifying that images labelled as ‘extra’ were in fact a core set of images

All images aligned as can be seen in this view of the model







The sparse cloud generated looked good and was an indication that the resulting model would be of a reasonable quality.





Step 5 -Build Dense Cloud

The use of the ultra high setting was decided for the project as a whole.  However, this caused a number of problems and ultimately was not possible. An initial estimate of time needed was in excess of 45 hours.  I left the model processing overnight and the next day but then the computer crashed leaving nothing to show for the time.

Step 6 -Build Mesh

No issues

Step 7 -Build Textures

In common with my classmates, there were two rings of green shading at the upper and lower part of the model.  It turned out that this was the result of a bug in the version of the softwar we were using.

I downloaded a pre-release (1.4) version, loaded the model and re-built the texture and the result was good – no green rings!