RCPI Practicum

Over the past month I’ve been working with Harriet Wheelock keeper of collections at the RCPI heritage centre. The collection I’ve been working with is The Kirkpatrick Index. This is part of a wider set of collections by Thomas Kirkpatrick. The Kirkpatrick Index consists of manuscript notes, newspaper cuttings, photographs, documents etc which were collected […]

Geotagging Workshop

On the 12th of December I attended a workshop conducted by Angeliki Chrysanthi on the geotagging of images. The ability to link image to space is an extremely powerful one which opens up a large scope to what is possible in using geospatial data. I was particularly interested in this workshop as I haven’t had […]

The Ghost in The Machine

Huggert and Costopoulos take an introspective look at archaeology focusing on the effects digital technology has on the field. This discussions revolves around ideas of technology fetishism, anti-technology fetishism and the nature of digital archaeology vs archaeology conducted digitally. All questions are ones of reflexivity and how, if at all, the processes of technology affect […]