Drafting a Floor Plan, Take 2

After converting all the imperial measurements in Jones’ description, I was faced with a couple of decisions to make. First of all, while I was supplied with the basic dimensions as to the main hall of the Winter Garden, as well as the naves on either side, measurements for the amphitheater portion leading off the South face were far more vague. Likewise, while dimensions for the bays themselves were given, their¬†orientation, starting and stopping points, and presence within hallways or amphitheatre areas remains unclear.

After some quick math, and some rearranging, I ended up basing my decisions for the size of the amphitheatre on the functionality of the naves and upper floor balcony. The bay dimensions I could then also stay faithful to, working backwards from the amphitheatre sides to the East and West faces.

I’ve come to love the coordinate system spinners for their precision when aligning objects in 3Ds Max, so I also ended up creating a sort of map if you will of where each buttress, etc. will need to be placed once full on modelling begins.

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