Back to Basics

So I’m a twenty-seven year old PhD Candidate, and apparently triangles still trip me up…how did I not see this coming?

After drafting the main hall’s clock tower I then moved on to some of the other display cases I was able to see in the available lithographs – namely, a ten sided glass case with tapered ends. Again, not having any dimensions to work off of, I decided that for the case to be both physically accurate and fit within the space properly I could make each glass pane a 1 meter width, tapering off in two stages, at 20 and 45 degrees. Unfortunately, this made problems when trying to figure out the type of dimensions I was working with when it came to length and width of the case in its entirety.

Following about an hour of trying to get a backwards equation to work (and a shameful call to a little sister still in high school maths) I finally worked it out, and its ready to model. For all the trouble this one gave me at the beginning, it should be a fairly straightforward model, and is far less complex in terms of detail and material than the clock.

Never thought I’d be back to SOH CAH TOA and cosines, but there you have it. I’ve also decided that I like rectangles better.

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