The Modelling Monologues, Victorian Clock Tower – Take 2

Back at it again today with modeling the clock tower and being faced with the fact that the most complicated part isn’t actually the construction, but rather keeping track of all the pieces I’ve got going. Apparently, victorian opulence means tremendous detail…who knew?

Besides the major parts of the structure, the columns, counters, and roof for instance, there’s also the cylinders I’ve used to add extra texture to some of my wood panels, as well as helixes, detached polygons containing gild material, etc. This isn’t even going near the fact that when everything is done, all of these models are going to have to be amalgamated into one scene – something I’m very much not looking forward to.

So I’ve decided that groups are going to be my friend from now on, and have been arranging each of the main pillars, columns, and other features into groups that I can open and close as I need to modify them….if only to keep myself sane.

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