The Dark Side of Victorian Flags

The good thing I’ve found about working with 3Ds Max for this project is that, as a person that thrives with practical work, I can have a tangible (if something digital can be considered tangible….but that’s for a different argument) piece of work done at the end of each modeling session that is proof of my work over the day. If I’m making a cabinet by the end of the day even if I’ve not finished it, I’ll still have columns, some detail work, or materials that I can see in front of me.

The downside of this is what goes on ‘behind the scenes’. The fact that the Dublin Exhibition no longer exists is still one of the biggest upsides for doing this kind of reconstruction work, but also makes it far more difficult in terms of reference material. Instead of considering finding images for flags the easiest part of constructing them, it’s become the hardest – strangely enough, finding circa 1865 flags and naval ensigns for countries that may no longer exist and that you don’t have the names for besides a wide faced lithograph isn’t as easy as it sounds…or doesn’t sound as the case is. What could have taken minutes, has ended up being six hours and counting, spaced over the last week – trying to find different flag combinations during any spare time, and following up on links to colonial flag catalogues and things sent to me  by those pure souls with far better patience than mine.

There are some that still have me stumped, and soon I’m sure I’ll have to cut my losses. After all it’s one thing to look for flags of certain colours and crosses, but it’s quite another to face a page of google images with the keywords of “flag blue white wavy scales lion” just crossing your fingers and hoping something comes up… didn’t in case you were wondering.

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