Rendering that the Rebel Alliance would be Proud of

Well I’m back at it again with this clock.

As much as it’s coming together, and I’m trying not to nitpick at details, there’s still so much to do! I did however make the decision that one nitpick was warranted – I absolutely hated how the gold foil engraved pieces were looking, so it was back to the materials board to try to fix it, and somehow get it to work with the other materials as well.

I ended up using the same Arch & Design copper material as I’d used for the column helixes, and trying to apply the engraving as a simple bump and displacement. Well, not simple.

What occurred next was the greatest looking, however completely impractical rendering I’ve managed so far – I managed to render the Death Star exploding. I’m quite proud.

Unfortunately not practical so I ended up switching up the parameters until I got it looking accurate, which, when using displacement maps brings your values down from 40 to within decimal places, unless you want your model render to look like it has actual fur. In this specific case the original bitmap I got from (a brilliant repository if you’re looking for free materials by the way) had to be put with a displacement value below 1 in order for all the detail to come out. A small matter perhaps once all the interior features are moved into the larger iron frame, but I wasn’t about to have an atomic clock as a centerpiece of the exhibition either.

And hey, after all that? Freedom reigns.

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