This Cloth Modifier will be the Death of Me

8 weeks ago, we were assigned a 3Ds Max tutorial that called for us to design a simple chair – wood, straight-backed, four-legged, cushion…pretty straightforward. Until you hit the final touches, and they wanted you to lie a cloth over the back of it. No matter what I did, changing the parameters for the cloth, the collision object, anything, I ran the simulation and the cloth dropped straight through the chair to land meters beneath where the supposed floor would have been. I ended up using soft selection over the cloth and manually trying to drape it, fairly unsuccessfully.

So, when I was building a pottery cabinet today, and discovered from the lithograph that it looked as if the shelving podium inside was draped with satin, why oh why did I choose to actually try out this cloth modifier again. Sonia, another girl in this program says that it’s because I still retain some semblance of hope and ambition – I say it’s because I’m stubborn.

Whatever the case, I tried the cloth modifier agin…to disastrous results. No matter if I changed the specs of the cloth, added segments, changed parameters, the cloth would begin to drape, and that something occurred on one corner which I can only describe as “the podium is eating my satin”. And I may be stubborn, but after 2.5 hours of cloth-eating action, I called it quits, and found the Autodesk material for Red Velvet (02).

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