Need Bulking Up? 3D Repositories

It’s coming closer to the project deadline, so I have to begin cutting my losses in terms of models I’ve been trying to rework without success. Today, that means scrapping my flag models and attempts to apply wave modifiers in an effort to make them look more realistic.

I have never been happier to find a web repository in my life. In my search for some small models (statues, figurines, and paintings) that I can scatter throughout the exhibition frame if necessary tomorrow, I ended up finding a pre-modelled flag pole with modifiers already applied. Hallelujah!

I’m still currently doing a bunch of edits on the model, adding materials and editing the flag poles, but the modified plane being used for the flag material is a life saver. In order to create all the flags I’ve been using a composite maps with a bitmap for the flag itself, and an added stain map overlayer with its brightness turned up to make it look aged.

They seem like such a small detail, and are only getting merged in at the very end, but they should make the model look a bit more complete.

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