The End is Near…So Why Not Create a New Stage

It’s the last day of this modelling project now and the mind actually boggles at how much is left to do.

Good news, when using one of the newer lab computers here in Iontas my clock tower file isn’t corrupt. Bad news, there’s still a lot more files to go through and merge still, and considering other module deadlines I’ve taken over building the exhibition stage – so I’m trying to build that at the moment.

The detail in this stage thankfully is no where near the detail of the clock tower, but there is detail along the roof that I’m not going near with just booleans on hand – I might use them a lot, but I’m not actually crazy. Instead I decided to draw out some of the details with splines, and use a series of turn to poly and extrude modifiers, and it’s looking good.

I also did a test run this morning merging my pottery cabinet into our original floor plan just so I can be sure there won’t be quite so many hiccups during the final merges at the end of the day.

The end is near – and yet so far….wish me luck.

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