The Ultimate File Corruption – I’m in for a Long Night

The unthinkable has happened. After so many warnings about the potential for 3Ds Max to potentially corrupt your files, and to save multiple versions, I’ve been faced with a slew of my files which now no longer open.

We’ve been using onedrive to organize and share our work, and as a file sharing option it’s worked really well – particularly because of the large size of these files. However I also discovered when I went back to the lab earlier that apparently a ghost version of myself was modifying files at 4:30 in the morning (when I know I was asleep) and that onedrive had apparently done something because all of a sudden I was short a cabinet, the tent I’d made the night before, my flags, and all my signs.

Thankfully, I pull long nights at the lab anyways, and I’m also a stickler for writing down any dimensions and coordinates I use while building. I was able to quickly enough remake all my signage off the very first file I’d saved. I was also able to remake the flags – no small mercies for them not needing extraneous UVW Mapping. Unfortunately, there was no way I was rebuilding that tent…particularly not to the detail I’d made it previously in terms of the roof and draped gauze.

Save in multiple places, people.



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