As a PhD Candidate, my research evaluates the application of 3D digital imaging, specifically reflectance transformation imaging (RTI) and photogrammetry, in the analysis, documentation, and digital preservation of Irish rock art.

As it stands, Neolithic rock art within Ireland is facing a number of difficulties in terms of continued degradation by environmental and anthropogenic forces, and a general lack of comprehensive documentation at a national level. As such, my thesis project assesses possibilities for the use of RTI and photogrammetry within the context of Neolithic rock art sites in Co. Kerry and Co. Donegal, specifically in relation to the 3D digital recording of rock art and the enhancement of surface inscription Рadvocating for the use of 3D digital imaging in the creation of a digital corpus of Neolithic rock art across Ireland.

My work also involves the application of digital humanities theory, 3D modelling, and 3D digital imaging to a variety of case studies – including a joint 2017 (Re)construction of the 1865 Dublin International Exhibition of Arts & Manufactures, which can be viewed on its dedicated page.