The Dublin Exhibition Project

In the heart of the bustling downtown, just behind what is now the Dublin National Concert Hall, once stood a resplendent iron and glass structure – the same structure which held the Dublin International Exhibition of Arts & Manufactures in 1865.

Based on a first person account, that of the architect, Alfred G. Jones, basic dimensions of the site give a fairly good idea about layout and size – unfortunately floor plans no longer exist, and thus trying to visualize such a space remains abstract.

This is where 3D Modelling comes in. This project, conducted as a joint venture by myself, and MA Candidate Caoimhe Burke, seeks to use Jones’ account, as well as a series of chronolithographs and engravings made available by the National Library, to (re)construct the 1865 Exhibition, including interior displays. Bringing the past into the present, and giving a view to the mystique that was 19th century imperialist style.

Just as Jones chronicled the construction of his design, we’re providing day-to-day updates of our progress both here, and on the blog of Caoimhe. From design to approach, fumbling attempts at making textures and buttresses, interacting with programs both familiar and unfamiliar – it will all be here – I hope you enjoy following along!