The Power of the image: The London Charter

Digital representations are problematic from many points of view. Some of these issues have been discussed in earlier episodes of this series on The Power of the Image here and here. In an effort to answer or, at least, recognise the challenges presented by a sudden emergence of highly effective and accessible technologies such as photogrammetry, virtual reality and others, […]

The Power of the Image: Objectivity, Authenticity, Reconstruction

As I’ve suggested in previous posts, it seems that to strive for realness in reconstructions is essentially deceitful in both method and objective should it be done without extremely high degrees of transparency. Unless one is very clear about the assumptions and conjecture that was involved in the reconstruction, then the submission may have the appearance […]

Outreach for the Letters of 1916

Outreach for Letters 1916

This blogpost discusses the Letters of 1916 project, the homepage of which can be found here. For my thoughts on the project in general, please follow this link to my previous blog post on the topic.   Before discussing my experience of producing a podcast to promote and disseminate the Letters of 1916 project as part of […]