3D artefact recording part three

This is a continuation in a series of posts. The previous post in this series covering photogrammetry can be found here. Hyper Spectral Imaging We decided to employ this method for only one of our artefacts, the abstract painting. This method essentially allows us to compare the reflective signatures of different materials and to discover the subtle differences of […]

3D artefact recording part two

This is a continuation in a series of posts, the first of which may be found here. Photogrammetry Based on the experience gained in the R.T.I. process as described in my previous post, we now recognised how much time can be spent preparing the necessary conditions and rigging for a successful photographic capture session. On that […]

3D artefact recording part one

45 degree capture

This series of blog posts, in combination with the blogs of my fellow MAs Richard Breen and Aveen Holland, will unpack the methods, technologies, challenges and results of our AFF622 group assignment. Scenario My colleagues and I were asked to examine, record and publish various artefacts which had been found at the abode of an alleged looter. We were […]

The power of the image: Non-photorealism

The power of the image: Non-photorealism

Since investigating the various notions and attitudes surrounding the digital representation of cultural heritage artefacts, I’ve discovered that the reason or cause for digitisation appears to be the key factor when considering the most suitable method to use. If one was considering digital cultural heritage from a uniquely preservationist point of view then only the most photorealistic surrogate of […]

The power of the image: photorealism

Giacomo Carmagnola 
The power of the image: photorealism

If the humanism that makes civilisation civilised is to be preserved into this new century, it will need advocates. Those advocates will need a memory, and part of that memory will need to be of an age in which they were not yet alive. Preface The above quote is taken from Clive James’s wonderful collection […]