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texture thoortexturetrials

1/5/17…On the left is a JPG of a wall section of TBL,on the right a model of TBL by using the material editor applied  a bit map of the JPG as well as bump and displacement modifiers. This took some time, and a lot as the blog states trial and error. There were plenty of occasions when the tower looked like a bear with the modifiers creating fur like substance on the tower. We were not too particular about using ID for the textures especially on the inside as the rooms with textured interiors will be added later. It was hard to find a happy medium,a model with sufficient quality and yet quick rendering time,I don’t think we did too badly on to the windows…….

TBL V The Deathstar




 None of us ever said we were good at 3dsmax, it only takes a small lapse in concentration to cause trouble, with all due respect to Maria Z a misplaced decimal point created the “Death Star”. In the middle of the red circle is a scale model of Thoor Bally Lee,it is 9.75m X 9.2m X 18.5m,the dark entity is the extruded walls of its ground floor room. Shes not the only one, don’t know but suddenly no Boolean, or floors,luckily I’m saving every half an hourerasure, not too far behind but still frustrating. We seem to be doing well, so much so that there’s talk of camera splines and animation,there’s always the risk of scope creep,we were at one stage  considering of constructing furniture for the rooms at one point. Hoping to finish on the 7th may with a day of fine tuning,fingers crossed…….






‘modelling’ students

frontfloorswinI26/4/17…..we decided to create a model of the tower and cottages,Maria Z and I took the tower and interior,Justin M the cottages. the plans proved priceless. I created a base chamfered the edges then using the re-scale tool stretched the bottom poly out to give a 60 degree buttress. The front wall is created to correct scale except the walls are only 0.5 metres thick( instead of 2.1m) this will give Maria and the interiors a little wiggle room. The front wall is almost vertical,the side walls lean in creating a taper effect, the internal structures were reduced accordingly from bottom to top. I essentially created a shelving unit, which could receive the extruded floors as seen above left. The windows were Boolean extractions,there are about 30 openings in the walls,10 windows and 20 defensive positionsdefencive slots of various sizes.(see left) this part of the building process is straight forward enough, the window frames,(cut stone)windows ( some with 30 panes of glass each side) may prove to be a little less co-operative………

Thoor BallyLee



20/4/17…We finally got to Thoor bally Lee, the building is very impressive, the setting a revelation,despite the thousands of images online  its only when you are on the ground that you see it has a moat,we were unable to get inside,so no images from or of the roof. Its not hard to understand Yeats draw to the Tower,it is a remote, idyllic, alternative country manor,with surrounding countryside full of game and a river with plenty of fish.

We gained images of colours, textures, proper orientation of the road and bridge with basic measurements. these along with the plans should give us all the data we need to create a realistic model. Its only a matter now of dividing the project into three and getting on with it. We’ll see how long the eagerness lasts…….