TBL V The Deathstar




 None of us ever said we were good at 3dsmax, it only takes a small lapse in concentration to cause trouble, with all due respect to Maria Z a misplaced decimal point created the “Death Star”. In the middle of the red circle is a scale model of Thoor Bally Lee,it is 9.75m X 9.2m X 18.5m,the dark entity is the extruded walls of its ground floor room. Shes not the only one, don’t know but suddenly no Boolean, or floors,luckily I’m saving every half an hourerasure, not too far behind but still frustrating. We seem to be doing well, so much so that there’s talk of camera splines and animation,there’s always the risk of scope creep,we were at one stage  considering of constructing furniture for the rooms at one point. Hoping to finish on the 7th may with a day of fine tuning,fingers crossed…….