2014-08-10-16-57-50My name is Justin Martin and I am currently doing an MA in Digital Humanities at Maynooth University for the academic year 2016/17. I recently completed a 4 year degree in Ancient History & Archaeology/Jewish & Islamic Civilisation at Trinity College Dublin, which I undertook from 2012 to 2016.  On November the 8th of this year (2016), I will proudly graduate with honours from T.C.D, having endured the four most difficult but ultimately rewarding years of my life!  I have always been passionate about history since I was a teenager.  I first became interested in coin collecting after attending an international coin fair at the Royal Dublin Society.  Over the years I became quite good at identifying Roman coins, through reading and research.  I became interested in conservation through my numismatic hobby, which led me directly into my degree in Trinity College.

My intentions right from the beginning were to study Ancient History & Archaeology and then to specialise in conservation. Unfortunately, there is no degree in conservation in Ireland, so if I wanted to pursue conservation, I would have had to move to the UK.

I only found out about Digital Humanities during the summer, and I was totally blown away by what I discovered.  I had experienced a small amount of digitisation through the research I had done on my thesis Augustan Coinage: Imagery & Symbolism.  I frequented many numismatic databases whilst researching specific coins, and I found these archives absolutely brilliant.

The Digital Humanities MA was the logical choice for me to undertake, as I am passionate about the preservation/conservation of all ancient artefacts, architecture and cultural heritage in general.

Hopefully this Digital Humanities MA will equip me with the technical knowledge and skill-set to work in the industry on the completion of this course.