MAY 7th 2017

This morning I imported the extension cottage into the scene of my main cottage and aligned them together.  I also created a flat plain which will be directly underneath the two cottages.  This will be the ground that circumnavigates the tower and two cottages.  This plain will eventually encompass garden walls/gates and shrubbery which are present in the grounds of the original buildings.  The screenshot below illustrates the two finished cottages sitting on a green plain. Tomorrow I will meet my colleagues Maria and Gavin and import the models that I created into Gavin’s scene which includes the tower which is the center piece of our project. This will also include a list of scene layers which you can see below. We will amalgamate all the models into one scene and eradicate any errors that may be present.

Final 3-D Model of Thoor Ballylee Extension Cottage by Justin Martin.


Screenshot of Scene Layers by Justin Martin.

I  am  confident  that  my  colleagues and I  can  manage to submit our 3-D project on time tomorrow.  I also hope that we have managed to portray the special essence and beauty of these wonderful buildings and their surroundings.