MAY 8th 2017

This is my final blog on the Thoor Ballylee 3-D project.  The last and most important part of the project was merging my scene with Gavin’s scene. In my naivety, I thought merging the scenes  would be rudimentary and straightforward; maybe it would have been for somebody with more experience than me.  I gave Gavin my USB key which contained my 3ds max file and he copied it onto his desktop. It later transpired that the geometry of the cottages opened on Gavin’s computer but the materials were missing.  I subsequently panicked and began watching tutorial after tutorial on how to export/import/merge scenes in 3ds max on YouTube.  I converted my file to the FBX format and sent it to Gavin to see if this would work. Gavin later emailed me

Screenshot of the tower and cottages.

and said it worked and sent me the photograph to the right.  I was overjoyed because I thought I had destroyed what I had created.  The only part it was missing was the environment that circumnavigates the three structures, but I really do not think we have the time to make that now at this late stage.  Maybe at a later date I will finish it off in my own time and include it in my CV.

On Tuesday May 9th, I went to college with the intention of having a final meeting with my project colleagues about submission.  It was then  I  found  out  that an FBX  file does not have a material library, it

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lSANYBzQAI Screenshot of still from YouTube video.

merely bakes the material on to the objects and does not show the material editor like the picture to the right. In hindsight, I would not make the same mistake again. Moreover, if I had more time, I could have done a really nice job on this project.  But I also know from twenty years working experience that time and task management is of the utmost importance when conducting any project.  It is not simply a case of quantity versus quality, one must strike a balance in life and I think this is where experience comes in.  The more experience one has the faster they become and their work output increases.  So I think under the circumstances our group did a reasonably good job.