MAY 1st & 2nd 2017

This morning I was putting the final touches to my 3-D model. I nearly had all the windows and doors completed and I was ready to begin making the extension at the back of the cottage, which in my honest opinion would have been much easier than the front cottage. I began at 9:30 am and my plan was to have the extension with the roof finished by 13:00 pm.  At roughly 12:00 pm or a little after it, my computer froze and ultimately crashed.  At first I was not worried, I simply restarted it and naively thought my work would be there. However, this was not the case as my model was completely gone when I searched for it in my project folder.  I had been saving in multiple places such as dropbox, USB keys and my desktop but due to high levels of concentration I had not saved since the night before and as a result my backup was just the first 3-D model that I had made a few days prior.  I was completely distraught and nauseous at the thought of losing a few days hard work.  I had been warned multiple times by my lecturer about saving and the ugly truth is, I thought I did save, but when you are deep in concentration, this very important lesson could and did slip my mind; hence I am paying the price for it now.  On Tuesday I just could not face my project colleagues in university and I decided to work hard all day long at home at trying to rectify my huge mishap.  I started off with the model below.

Screenshot of Thoor Ballylee Cottage By Justin Martin.

I had to remove the straw thatch and taper the over-hang on the cottage.  Then I assigned pebble-dash onto all the walls and began making the windows and doors from scratch, which I was not very enthusiastic about as it was/is a very tiresome and laborious job. I spent the day fixing it as much as I could before retiring to bed at 02:00 am.  Although it does not look like a lot of progress, I feel that I did okay considering what happened this morning.

3-D Model of Thoor Ballylee Cottage by Justin Martin.

I will learn from this and come back stronger!  Hopefully tomorrow I will have all the windows and doors done and then I can begin making the extension on Thursday May 4th.