APRIL 24th 2017

Today I went to meet Maria and Gavin in Maynooth University to discuss how we were going to divide up our 3-D project into 3 parts. I brought along a draft plan of Thoor Ballylee that I had made from the measurements I took in Gort, Co Galway on the 19th of April. The drawing itself is not drawn to scale, but does include the correct measurements in the metric system.

The problem with Thoor Ballylee is that when you are looking for photographs and information online, you cannot find images of every part of the complex.  In addition, when you look on Google Earth, the topographical view is poor and visibility is somewhat obscured by the trees and shrubs; so it is extremely difficult to get a good sense of perspective of Thoor Ballylee.  The roads are not linear and the infrastructure is old and imperfect; but that also adds character to this wonderful place.

Drawing of Thoor Ballylee by Justin Martin.
(Not in Scale)

My drawing is far from perfect, but it is the best I could manage considering  the problems that I have enumerated above.  I decided to draw it as a plan looking downwards and I colour coded it to make it easier to identify the different elements.  Gavin my project colleague chose to make the tower which is the square pink building, and if he has time he might make the river that runs around the tower.  I chose the main cottage which is light blue, and the extension at the back which is coloured in yellow.  In addition I will be making the surrounding garden and walls.  Maria is making the garage which is coloured orange and the road/bridge that cuts through the middle of the drawing.  Maria might also make anything else that is shown on the bottom of the screen.  These are preliminary tasks and may change, depending on how fast each of us completes our designated tasks.