MAY 3rd 2017

Today I began my morning by working on the model below.  I am not entirely happy with the textures on the cottage so I will start by trying to assign a darker thatch onto the roof.  Secondly, I have to go into UVW mapping and scale down the pebble-dash texture by using the gizmo, because the texture is out of proportion to the rest of the cottage.  Unfortunately, I also have to redo the geometry on all the windows and doors and find  appropriate images to use in relation to

3-D Model of Thoor Ballylee Cottage by Justin Martin.

texture.   Hopefully after doing it once already, I will be a bit faster this time around.  I am also saving my working regularly in four different locations to avoid my previous mistake. I also made a huge mistake in scaling the house instead of zooming in and out.  I had to resize the cottage using the snap-toggle and measuring tape to make sure the cottage was 15 x 5 x 2.87 meters in size. I only realised this after trying to make the first door and window.

I tried to alter the existing thatch to make it more voluminous and to try and make the thatch darker without deleting it.  I feel it is important to show my failures as well  as my victories in 3ds Max. The picture below shows the hilarity of my efforts.  I realise now that the hair and fur modifier does not enhance a thatched roof in any way, shape or form.  Practice makes perfect as the saying goes!  The best way to learn, is by making mistakes whilst practicing.

3-D Model of Thoor Ballylee Cottage by Justin Martin

I decided to swap the thatch in the screenshot to the left to  a picture of the real thing,  and it saved me a lot of time and effort.  I finished the doors and windows and applied the bitmap images of the  real  door/windows  to  the  selected  polygons. I  also  had  a  fail
trying to assign the bitmap images to the doors and  windows   which

3-D Model of Thoor Ballylee Cottage by Justin Martin.

you can see in the screenshot on the right hand side. The model was starting to look nice and I just had to add a material to the window sills to complete it.  The thatch and pebble-dash     looked   pretty close to the original cottage.  I just had to adjust the bitmap images on the doors and unfreeze the chimney stack and pot. By  the end   of

the night I had put the finishing touches to the window sills and fixed minor errors that were visible to the eye.  I finished up by saving four   copies      of      it. The screenshot below shows the 3-D model of Thoor Ballylee which is in the final stages of completion.

3-D model of Thoor Ballylee Cottage by Justin Martin.