APRIL 26th 2017

Today I started  building the structure of the main cottage and the small extension which is joined on to the tower.  The roofs took me a long time to figure out.  I tried a few different options based on the photographs which me and my colleagues had taken.  The roof on the main cottage was higher than the small extension which it was adjoined  to.  So  due to my lack of geometrical manipulation  skills, I

Thoor Ballylee Cottage by Justin Martin.

decided to build two separate roofs.  After I experimented with the geometry a little bit, I managed to make the two roofs look quite good in the end. Afterwards I  spent a little time making the chimney stack and pot. I decided to make the chimney stack and pot separately rather than extruding the geometry from the roof.

Screenshot of chimney pot made by Lathe Modifier by Justin Martin.

I experimented with grouping the chimney stack, pot and cottage to secure them all to the building whilst I was working on it. In order to finalise the roof, I decided to assign a material to it.  As this is a thatched straw roof, I went to textures.com and chose a picture of a thatched roof.  When I applied the picture, the bigger roof looked really well but the smaller roof which can be seen above did not look realistic at all.  After trying to fix this problem for a while, I decided to try different materials.  I experimented with other materials but I still could not get the same affect as on the real cottage.

Screenshot of Thoor Ballylee Cottage By Justin Martin.

Ultimately, I decided to use a photograph of the real roof which I then cropped and then applied the UVW map modifier to the thatch. The results were much more realistic and I ended my experiments there, and began working on the doors and windows as one can see from the screenshot below.

Screenshot of Thoor Ballylee Cottage by Justin Martin.