Our last tries to reconstruct the cloister!

This week will be the last for Seamus and me that we are working on the reconstruction of the cloister. Below is showed some of the progress that we did.

We work again on the pillar because after the apply of TurboSmooth modifier the number of polygons increased extremely to 1.000.000 and that, as a result, crashed the 3ds Max. So, we deleted this modifier to make possible the creation of multiple copies without other extra problems to the final scene. After that, we focused on the creation of acres that were placed on the top of the pillars and were the connection between pillars and roofs. We used a plan, like the very first time with the creation of lines for the whole Abbey, and again we created a with the use of lines, convert to editable poly and extrude. Trying to be close to the original arches that are saved, we created small cylinders and through Boolean we created the schema that we wanted, also by applying different modifiers such as Stretch, applying Bevel, and moving the vertices of the inside part of the arch we took the desired result, creating this continuous-beam pattern towards the ground, like can be seen in the picture below:



Following that, we put together the pillar and the arch and created multiple copies according to the plans that we had already the pictures that took with information regarding the number of them on each side of the cloister.


Having the completed lines of pillars and arches, we put them on the scene and on the small base in the centre of the cloister. According to the information panel, where is in Abbey providing basic information for the place and the research that we did about medieval cloisters, we concluded to the existence of a roof that joins the walls with the top of the arches and which was in a lateral rather than a horizontal position. So, we decided to design that roof and put it in our reconstruction. 

Firstly, we create a box, putting measurements we made based on what we had already collected for the rest of the room, creating the top of the roof and after that another smaller boxes which we placed under the top, as beams of the roof.   

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 14.54.54Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 13.18.01

We rescaled and copied them and put them across the four walls. We made new objects, four planes according to the shape of the roofs and put them up to them, and apply the texture to them through the Material Editor.

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 17.19.58

I will describe in the nest post the way that we used to apply texture in the whole cloister, which was not quite easy for us. But for more of our adventures with 3ds Max… wait for the next post!

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