Modelling Attempts_Part III

Spiral Staircase

In the Yeat’s tower, there is a stone spiral staircase that leads up to the flat floor. We do not have much information anyway from the interior but based on the plans we tried to model this old staircase. I made many attempts since my first results seem to me more as IKEA staircase rather than a tower one. While the logic is somehow the same building the stairs, the texture is what gives the geometry the age, and the material is made of. There are ready-made stairs in the 3dsmax as an option in geometry but the given staircase has some spiral pieces and other straight and flat. So, what I have done is that through array tool I built the first 10 straight steps while after this I should start rotating them (while being attached) around a centre column. This means holes should be made in each of Gavin’s levels that define the height of each floor in order to sustain as much accuracy as we could of how the staircase was displayed in the plans.

The tower devoid of the skeleton and with the first step building the staircase.

While in the IKEA tower I used MeshSmooth and Noise modifiers in order for the staircase to be not made of a straight rectangular box, I changed my mind making some fractures through Chamfer tool choice that results in a more natural outcome and not so delicate and uniform as the other modifiers did. The problem is that the given staircase after the first floor should be narrowed by ‘a tube’ that the hole in the floors created so the staircase again should be rotated in such a steep way so that this tube being the limit and size of how the steps should be made of… Again, so many things should be planned prior to modelling and especially when they are of the interior where you need the exterior and skeleton in order to position correctly something and you do not need in order to work clearly… Well-organised layers and repeatedly on-off of freezing them saves Time in such a case-


In order to do the parapet firstly, I applied boolean subtracting a box with the top of the tower in order to be discrete in their surface. In the very top of this, I build a bricks-like array and tried to make them similar to each of the sides. Since these are not similar toothed-pattern stones but irregular with sharp edges in the corner I tried though a combination of modifier to make them seem like

 Wireframe of the top and with texture in the bottom.