Noel Groome: MA in Digital Humanities

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As a current Masters student in Digital Humanities, this blog has been constructed to document my experience over the academic year. For some background I’ll begin by briefly explaining how I came to enrol as a student of Digital Humanities, or DH.

Approaching the end of my BA in 2014 I was keen to continue my study. With my wife expecting our first child I ruled out committing to a 4 year Phd, and instead sought to continue by taking on one more year in a Masters programme. Although I loved my time as a student of History I sought for my Masters to add a new aspect to my CV, but without turning away from the Humanities. I had noticed the MA in Digital Humanities a year earlier and now decided to follow up and acquire more information on the content.

In early 2014 I attended an Open Day for the MA in Digital Humanities at Maynooth University and although I suspected it may have been for those who held degrees in both Humanities and Computing, I was pleasantly surprised that graduates of either discipline were eligible. It seemed to be a perfect compliment to my recent accomplishment in History that I could now re-invigorate my interest in Computing and apply it to the Humanities. Soon after the Open Day I applied for the 2014 intake beginning in September. I was accepted to the MA programme that summer, graduated from Maynooth Unversity with a BA(Hons.) in History that September, and began life as a Masters student in Digital Humanities a week later.

I hope this blog will serve as an insight into some of the aspects of Digital Humanities which I have encountered and indicate my progress throughout the year as a Masters student in Digital Humanities.

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