Photogrammetry Blog Post 4: Conclusions

In conclusion, the project has been an overall success. However, there are some changes I would make if encountering this task again. The quality of images could have been improved by using different settings on the camera during capturing. I believe the brightness and focus could have been altered in certain images. The set up of the workplace including the lightbox meant that the light didn’t have to be changed the majority of the time. However, after my experience in Louth County Museum I would have focused more on these settings. I lacked the necessary attention to the detail during the capturing stage.
The experience within St Mary’s church proved to be more useful. As a result of the previous experience in the Archaeological Museum I ensured further attention to detail. Instead of the maximum 91 images I used during the pot model I had a larger collection of 215 images. I captured more images at more angles which allowed for greater precision using the Photoscan software.
The experience was a very worthwhile one which gave me great knowledge of working alongside a museum. If opportunities arose in the future to do further work using Photogrammetry in museums, I would be keen to be involved in the process. St Mary’s church has also been a brilliant experience. It is great to see the interest and happiness the extension of a historical monument can give to an institution.

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