3ds Max Blog Post 3: Growing complexity

The attempt to add complexity now began. An attempt which proved to involve a lot of trial and error. Trial and error mixed with joy and a little bit of confusion. The first complicated section would now begin. Pillars and fountains. Marble like pillars can be seen at the side of the base. I realised These were completed using three shapes, a cylinder, torus and gegnon. The boolean operator was used to cut a square into each section, which can be seen below.
Screenshot (293)
The important point here was to ensure the geometry of the original square was set before it was altered using the boolean compound object selection. The main parameters could not be changed easily after this process had been completed. The gegnon was used as the base and top of each pillar, angled properly and then copied for each pillar. The cylinders were completed in the same way with a smaller torus placed in the centre of each pillar.
The incredibly awkward drinking fountain would be next to complete. Unfortunately, I am still not happy with the overall view of the drinking fountain, but I believed it was still important to show on the monument. The main fountain trough was completed using a sphere. Another sphere was then made which could be used to subtract an area out of the first sphere. Using the boolean function, which I found very useful during my time using 3ds Max, however, I believe there may be a certain number of limitations using this function. This created a hole within the original sphere, a modifier, displace, then altered the shape of the trough. Bronze plates can be seen in some of the original photos of the monument. These were created using a simple cylinder shape and attaching them to the base. A complicated section completed.

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