3ds Max Blog Post 4: Travelling to the top

The next section would prove to add difficulty, although there were some duplicates from the original base. I used small squares to add a sense of relief around the rectangle, this was to ensure a lifelike reconstruction. The boolean operator was used again at this point, although I was still not fully sure of its consequences.
Thankfully, I was able to copy my work on the pillars from the original base and use them for this section. However, a different type of intrusion had to be completed on the rectangular block. I yet again used a boolean operator, which seemed to be my saving grace during this project. Firstly, cutting in a rectangular block in the middle and afterwards a cylinder in an attempt to copy the picture correctly.
Screenshot (295)
The smaller design which surrounded this rectangular block were very difficult. In the end, I had to suffice with using a bend modifier on a square block. I don’t believe this looks perfect, but I attempted a variety of different shapes and modifiers. The spires were an easy section to add detail. I started by adding spherical shapes to the smaller pyramids, which would later be seen during the full render. The main spire had a cross added to the top by simply attaching two rectangles to each other using the attached within the compound object list. Spheres were added to the top of the smaller pyramids, however, the proved very troublesome. I attempt to cut out a quarter of the faces and then bend each one to try and replicate the design. The result is similar to the photographs, however, it is difficult to be sure due to the low quality.
Screenshot (296)

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