Photogrammetry Blog Post 1: Working in a Cultural Heritage Institution

The National Archaeology Museum was very accommodating of our work with the Bronze Age pots. We were given access to a large activity room for the photogrammetry and it proved to be very suitable. The curators ensured that we had all relevant information by providing books and short lectures. It was this surrounding information which helped the completion of the project as a whole. The 3D visualization in Cultural Heritage is a fast growing field. The adaption of cultural heritage institutions to these new digital techniques allows for greater visualizations of the past.
Working in cultural heritage institutions eludes to fountains of knowledge. Although a specialist topic was being completed in the museum. The extra information provided by the institution itself extends the knowledge of any person involved in the projects. The Bronze Age pots which were used during this project have a strong history. Originally found near Castlefinn, County Donegal, they are now found at the National Archaeological museum.The specific bowl used for myself was a simple bowl with an inverted rim. Comb impressions are found on the inside of the rim with a similar motif surrounding the outside of the bowl. The rest of the bowl is decorated with simple lines and triangles.
The experience gained while working with the museum will prove useful in future career paths. The completion of the MA in Digital Humanities opens up avenues of employment which cater greatly to cultural heritage. Inter and intra personal skills were improved. We also experienced important advancement of photography skills, including setting up a workspace and focusing clear capturing.
The fragile nature of the bronze pots meant that the only possible movement for the students was rotation using a turntable. When the bottom of the pot had to be captured a museum worker would help. The accommodating nature of the cultural heritage workers continued throughout the day with consistent support and frequent updates.

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