The three main subjects studied so far in my first semester in my masters are AFF601: Theory and Practice, AFF615A: Digital History and AFF606A: Digital Scholarly Editions. Each have brought up some very interesting ideas about digital humanities.

AFF601: The general introduction to the masters course has proven to be very worthwhile. Extending from online collections to crowdsoucring, computational thinking to the representation of digital text and images.

AFF615A: Digital History has a strong link with my past study and has been very interesting. The changes in Macrohistory as a result of the digital age is my final essay in this topic.

AFF606A: Digital Scholarly Editions has been a very hands – on module. There has been various trips to the National Archives to help with the Letters of 1916 project. The end of the module has seen the beginning of our year long project to create a DSE of a diary from World War 1.