Rebuilding Woodstock – Reflections and the Finished Product!

This is the final blog in a series documenting John Chambers’ and my modelling of Woodstock House, as part of our Modelling Humanities Data Module. Please go to John’s blog here to see more.

Finishing the Project

After what seems like a lot of trial and error, we are finally finished with rebuilding Woodstock. The project itself took a long time, both in terms of trying to create the model itself, but also the sheer amount of knowledge, experience, and practice required when building a model in 3DS Max. As I explained in my previous post, hindsight is a great thing once you learn how to model a few things in 3DS Max. Taking the time to watch relevant material to try to solve a problem is essential to the process, and if you have enough time to do so and effectively practice before creating anything, I would encourage anyone to do so.

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Data Standardisation (AFF-604A)

ignored-links-whiteboardThe pervasiveness of the internet into everyday life is becoming more and more inherent as the looming information takeover grows evermore vast. This is evidenced by the mere task of retrieving data is made possible by having access to almost the entire wealth of human knowledge sitting in your pocket. Having an immense wealth of data means nothing however if there is no way through which a computer can identify, select, or relate any of it. Continue reading Data Standardisation (AFF-604A)