Rebuilding Woodstock – Materials, Lighting, and Finishing Construction (AFF-604A)

This is part five in a series documenting John Chambers’ and my modelling of Woodstock House, as part of our Modelling Humanities Data Module. Please go to John’s blog here to see more.

Update on the Project

At this point of the project, we have had our fair share of trials and tribulations with 3DS Max. On the one hand, it’s an extremely powerful piece of software that can build incredible things, however I feel that the amount of time it takes to actually produce a working model requires a lot more time and effort than one can assume going into a project such as this. We’ve constantly been mentioning how we could have done things better in hindsight or joking about how quickly we could model certain aspects if we were to do it again. I think we were right too, but this is more to do with actually practicing and making time to watch tutorial after tutorial after tutorial until you get a technique correct. One thing that surprised me is that myself and John might think of two completely different ways to get the same job done in the software, which I think shows the breadth of creativity that the software can afford someone.

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