Computers and Curators: The Intersection in Image Curation

There is no denying that computer technology has revolutionised how we recreate and analyse artefacts. There are now an array of technologies available allowing the reproduction of artefacts in non-invasive ways. Similarly, computer technology has […]

#Funeral and the Memento Mori

In ‘#Funeral and Instagram’ Martin Gibbs and his fellow writers use the funeral hashtag on Instagram as a means to explore attitudes towards and rituals surrounding death in the age of social media. In a […]

‘Finding Vivian Maier’ – Illuminating Curatorial Concerns

Mia Fineman raises the issue of the subjectivity of image curation when she says, “What you choose is inevitably a mirror of your own taste.” (Palmer, “Mia Fineman, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York | […]

The Limits of Digitisation

Elizabeth Edwards in ‘Material beings: objecthood and ethnographic photographs’ argues that the meaning of a photograph is enhanced by the form in which it is presented (67). For her, the photograph is itself an object as […]