Branley Coherer 1900: An Adventure in Photogrammetric Processing

Branley Coherer by NUIM_CallanMuseum on Sketchfab This Branley Coherer was digitised as part of our AFF622 National Science Museum 3D recording project. The National Science Museum, affectionately known as the Callan Museum, is located on the […]

Digital Archaeology (Humanities) or archaeology (humanities), digitally?

The question of whether Digital Archaeology ought to be a sub-section within archaeology is a question which both Andre Costopoulos and Jeremy Huggett concern themselves with, albeit in different ways. Both view Digital Archaeology through […]

Rebuilding, Reconstructing, Remaking: Recreating the Past in the Present

The question of whether or not we should attempt to recreate the past which has been destroyed is a thorny one. Of course, the question of re-creation revolves around artefacts that have been damaged or […]

Response to Readings 10 October 2016

Charles Cronin’s paper ‘Possession is 99% of the Law: 3D Printing, Public Domain Cultural Artifacts and Copyright’ provides an in-depth discussion of existing copyright issues around photographs and the status of 3D replicas of cultural […]