AFF621: Remaking the Physical – 3D Modeling Assignment: Introduction

As part of the AFF621: Remaking the Physical module in the MA for Digital Humanities (NUIM), students were assigned to do a three-dimensional computer (3D) modelling exercise for the purpose of evaluating their understandings of the methodologies and issues involved in the production of 3D computer models for cultural heritage projects, and to practice their skills by producing a 3D model, the topic was open. As part of this, students were requested to compile a report to accompany the model, and include contextual data about the subject, the aims and objectives of the reconstruction, the methodology employed, as well as a critical evaluation of the outcomes. Students were also asked to compile a blog of their thoughts during the process and demonstrate an understanding of the use of 3D modelling in cultural heritage.

Opening Post: AFF621: Remaking the Physical – 3D Modeling Assignment: Introduction

  • Post 1: 3DM – Introduction to Illustration and Reconstruction in Cultural Heritage
  • Post 2: 3DM – Introduction to Computer Modeling in the Cultural Heritage Sector
  • Post 3: 3DM – Issues and Challenges with 3D Computer Modeling in the Cultural Heritage Sector
  • Post 4: 3DM – Introduction to the Case Study
  • Post 5: 3DM – Rationale for the Case Study and Experienced Challenges


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