Air Corps Aerial Photographs Collection

About the Project: The is a prototype for the Air Corps aerial photographs collection. It is being made available here to attain feedback from users, for a testing period.

Access the Images: Use the interactive map to click on locations which provide information and links to individual aerial photographs, or select a full collection of aerial photographs or an accompanying map for each collection.

Rights and Permissions: The images are the copyright of the Irish Military Archives. You are free to share copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format for non-commercial purposes only. You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the resource, and indicate if any changes were made to the original. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the Military Archives endorses you or your use. For commercial purposes, a licence must be sought from the OIC at the Military Archives.

Citation example: Irish Military Archives, Air Corps Aerial Photographs Collection, “Kildare 1938 (IE-MA-ACVN-P2-V3-99).” [Add Link]

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Collection Title /
Ref Code
Description Images Maps
Cork I951
Vertical aerial photographs of Cork from 1951. View Metadata for this collection Images
Dublin, Meath, Louth 1938
Vertical aerial photographs of Dublin, Meath, Louth from 1938. View Metadata for this collection Images
Kildare 1938
Vertical aerial photographs of Kildare from 1938. View Metadata for this collection Images
Lighthouses 1940s
Oblique aerial photographs of Irish Lighthouses circa 1940s. View Metadata for this collection Images


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Friends of the Vertical Negatives Collection
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This is an online group set up to assist with the indexing and mapping of the Irish Air Corps Vertical Negatives Collection. The vertical negatives are aerial photographs of Ireland taken by the Air Corps from the 1930s to the 1980s. They are a unique collection and the only aerial photography (state) record from this era and so, are of historical significance as they show the growth of towns/cities over a 60 year period. Due to the risk of deterioration of the older negative films, the Irish Military Archives recently undertook a large-scale digitisation project of the vertical negative films and the corresponding flight maps. The project is looking for volunteers to be a part of the archiving process by helping to add descriptive information through the identification of landmarks, locations, local knowledge in the images. Volunteers may also wish to assist by adding GIS coordinates.

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  1. Very good representation And presentation of the aerial photos , geotag locations are perfect. Works a treat on iPhone mobile device.

    User friendly , reliable , fast and secure

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