What is GIS Data?

Raster Data Cell (Image source: ArcGIS ““What is raster data?”).

This semester I am undergoing an internship with the Irish Military Archive (IMA) as part of the Practicum module for the MA in Digital Humanities (DH) at National University of Ireland, Maynooth (NUIM). The purpose of the internship is to gain practical experience on an active DH project. The DH project I am engaged with involves the development of a web-based resource for making available the Aer Corps Aerial Photographs and Vertical Negative collections online. The vertical negatives are … Continue reading

Using Voyant: Text Analysis meets Historical Research


Text analysis is described as “the use of computers as an aide in the interpretation of electronic texts” (Sinclair and Rockwell 242), and is often used as an aid to understand large document collections that are too extensive for a close-reading (Huijnen et al. 72). However, a study by Gibbs and Owens, using a sampling of historians, found that the respondents had little interest in using digital tools as a … Continue reading