Archiving History since 1985: The National Security Archive

tom blanton and white house email

  Information doesn’t belong to the government, it belongs to all of us.  (Blanton in Carlson)     Located in the Gelman Library at the George Washington University, USA, the National Security Archive (NS-Archive) is a non-governmental research centre, library and repository for government records and declassified documents. It was founded in 1985 by academics, journalists and historians as an independent non-profit organisation to monitor and challenge the increase of … Continue reading

Brief Overview: The National Security Archive


Since 1985, the National Security Archive has provided a significant resource for diplomatic, political, and foreign policy historians, researchers in international relations, current affairs, communications and political science, as well as investigative journalists. However, it is not merely a resource for researchers and academic scholarship; it is a resource for the public to access information, become more informed, and so, come up with their own conclusions. A brief overview of their … Continue reading