Made progress, albeit painfully, with the roof ornament. I’ve managed to add extra vertexes and edges to the front of the object initially created with a line and extruded. It was quite time consuming and frustrating at times. First, I’ve connected all the vertexes together creating horizontal edges. Once that was done, I’ve connected the edges together creating vertical edge – and divided it into sub-sections. Once that was done, I’ve selected the outside rim and extruded. Initially, I’ve planned to extrude sphere-like shapes from the original geometry, but as I was trying to do so, I’ve realized that there is a simpler way to do it. Instead of extruding and trying to smooth the shapes, I’ve created number of spheres that I’ve incorporated into the original geography. All of the above was done on one half of the ornament – once I was happy with the result, I’ve mirrored it and connected the two parts into a heart-shaped ornament.