After working on the materials using textures from, I’ve decided to try fixing the roof. Initially, wanting to represent the shingles as best as possible, I’ve decided to shape them out of box shape, copy the geometry and place it, so that it imitates the roof of the Haltdalen church (the shingles on the high crosses have similar shape). As seen above, it did, somewhat, work. However, I was curious to see if we can get better, more realistic effect.

I’ve managed to find a texture with similar enough shape and decided to delete all the geometric shingles and apply the texture to a plain ‘original’ geometry. Of course, like with everything else, it couldn’t be as easy. The first attempts to match bumps and diffusion of the bitmap gave some… peculiar results. It was also frustrating to make sure that the texture points the same way on each side of the roof. It took good few tries using both the UV Map modifier and the rotating tool in the material menu, but eventually, I’ve got satisfying result.