At this stage I shouldn’t be surprised that executing simple ideas starts off easy and then in mysterious way gets very problematic. I’m starting to suspect extreme talent on my part.

Reference: Door of the Haltdalen church

Door. It can’t be hard to make door, right? With Ethan working on the side walls of the church, I’ve created a separate scene and started building the geometry. Simple box, with good few segments that will allow creating the arch at the top, which in turn will get slightly extruded. Initially I’ve extruded all sides of the box, but then decided to settle for just the top section, since I had the side pillars built in the main project already.

In order to make sure that the arch is even-ish (I was moving the top frame by rows of vertexes in order to get the slightly flattened arch), I used the mirror modifier. Slowly, but surely I was getting there – I’ve added some hinges, making the middle one tiny bit crooked and applied the materials to see whether I need to add more geometry to it, or will it look good with a texture. We were getting places! To see how the door is working out in the context of the church as a whole, I’ve decided to import the model and merge it into the main scene. No issues there. Or so I thought. The first rendering test in the original scene worked fine – as above. But then, the magic happened. Although the geometry is fine – as in: merged and collapsed to a solid block – something happened during the rendering, which I can’t understand for the life of me. Half of the door looks like it’s shifted back (even though you can’t see anything like that in the geometry) – the hinges even cast shadows on it! How did I managed to do that is beyond me.