The misery continues. Since both myself and Ethan work on the same project, we can’t work on the main scene at the same time. Ethan has been finishing the planks on all the walls, so not to waste too much time, I’ve decided to try and make the little ornaments at the top of the pillars on two sides of the door.

The easiest way would be to draw up the shape, but sadly nothing is easy with 3ds Max. I’ve decided to create a box and boolean out a cone to create the four tips. Seemed like an easy enough idea. I’ve started deforming the geometry and trying to re-create the shape of the ornament. It was not an easy job…

I quickly realized that if I try to deform each corner, I will never create even enough shape. I’ve focused on the right corner and did my best to recreate the shape. When I was satisfied with the deformation, I’ve decided to cut out the remaining three corners and instead mirror the quarter I was working on. It did take some adjusting and the end result resembled crumpled tissue, but I wanted to see it in the context of the whole church – and with texture.

Although I didn’t have much hope for the end result, I tried anyway. I used the old version of the project (v 8.0, Ethan was working away on 9.0) to fit it into the door frame. Rendering becomes quite a lengthy process, so it took awhile to see the result. It is clearly not perfect and needs re-positioning into the final model, but to be honest it worked better than I’ve expected.

Update: ornaments worked with v 8.0 (see above). When I’ve merged them into v 9.0 scene, something happened and after pressing rendering, I’m getting black screen. So much for doing something right.